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*(Statistics Source: Boardview.io)

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Common Business Challenge Bootcamps

A-Z Government Regulations


"89% say formulating a strategy appropriate for changing market [or other] conditions is very important or essential for competitiveness."*

Regulatory Compliance Bootcamp

Effective Communication


"In 2016, the top three reasons for strategy implementation failure were 1) Poor communication, 2) Lack of leadership, and 3) Using the wrong measures."*

Communication Management Bootcamp

TRU™ Time Management


"76% of successful companies focus on a limited number of strategic initiatives to reach their objectives."* Never view time or goal management the same way again!

Unique Time Management Bootcamp

People! People! People!


Only "11% of managers believe that all their company’s strategic priorities have the resources required for success."* 

Hiring & Keeping People Bootcamp

Streamlined Processes


"29% of organizations react so slowly that they can’t seize fleeting opportunities or mitigate emerging threats."*

Process Improvement Bootcamp

Roles & Responsibilities


"63% of successful companies have all their business units aligned to their overall corporate strategy."*

Assignment & Accountability Bootcamp

3 Levels of Business | Strategy. Operations. Tactics.

Vision Development


"95% of employees do not understand their organization's strategy."*

Get unified stakeholder buy-in & agreement on company direction and goals.

Vision Development Bootcamp

Workflow Management


"75% of successful companies have a formal and pre-established system to inform on and manage their strategy."*

Operate at a higher-level with FOCUS.

Workflow & Operations Bootcamp

TRU™ Project Management


"88% say successfully executing initiatives/projects in order to deliver  strategic results is very important or essential for competitiveness."*

Goal-Driven Project Management Bootcamp

Business Strategy Basics


"60% to 100% could be the increase in value if management were to realize the full potential of its current strategy."*

Strength & Strategic Planning Bootcamp

Budget Baselining


"65% of ‘best strategy executors’ benchmark financial performance above average vs. 18% of all other companies."*

Budget Balancing & Goal-Setting Bootcamp

Productive Meetings


"85% of leadership teams spend less than one hour per month discussing strategy."*

Get financial VALUE from every meeting!

Meeting ROI & Effectiveness Bootcamp

Instant ROI Business Bootcamps

Cutting Costs


"Companies that actively and quickly reallocate capital expenditures across business units realize a 30% higher than average shareholder return."*

Cut Costs & Maximize Resources Bootcamp

Automate & Digitize


Only "55% say their company is good or excellent at prioritizing and funding the appropriate initiatives/projects."*

Learn what IT projects matter.

Software Solutions Bootcamp

Change Management


"65% of companies are ‘somewhat ineffective’ or worse at introducing change caused by strategic initiatives."*

Proactively take control of change.

Positive Change Management Bootcamp

Strategic Problem Solving


"80% of leaders feel their company is good at crafting strategy but only 44% at its implementation."*

Solutions start with a clear problem.

Root Cause Analysis & Solution Implementation Bootcamp

Measuring Progress and KPI's


"77% of successful companies have an established mechanism to translate  their strategy into operative terms and evaluate it on a day to day  basis."*

Strategic Success Tracking Bootcamp

Online Marketing


"51% of ‘best strategy executors’ have aligned their strategy with their actual business model, and well."* 

Easy explanations of A-Z Internet!

Business Identity & Affordale Marketing Bootcamp

Advanced Business Bootcamps

Portfolio Project Management


"68% say prioritizing and funding the appropriate initiatives/projects is very important or essential for competitiveness."*

Prioritization & Work Delivery Bootcamp

Cybersecurity 101


"80% of the companies have at least one formal system for managing  commitments across silos but only 20% of managers believe that these systems work well all or most of the time."* 

Cybersecurity Bootcamp

Software Development


"61% of respondents acknowledge that their firms often struggle to bridge  the gap between strategy formulation and its day-to-day implementation ."*

SDLC & Software Implementation Bootcamp

Solution Architecture


 "A measly 2% of leaders are confident that they will achieve 80-100% of their strategy’s objectives."*

Simple-to-Complex Enterprise Solutions Bootcamp

Risk Management


Only "11% of companies employ a "fully-fledged" strategic control system."*

Mitigate & minimize all Enterprise, Data, and Project risk with ease.

Risk Identification & Management Bootcamp

Information Security


"66% of HR and IT organizations develop strategic plans that are not linked to the organization's strategy."* 

Learn about privacy, security, compliance.

Protect Your Business & Your Info Bootcamp

Technical Training

Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CRM)


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SAFE Agile Development


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IT Security Common Sense


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