The Virtual Strategic Boardroom™

3 Membership Levels

Foundations Program


Core Membership

Every month, access to your own private online Work Room to receive top notch business information, actionable knowledge, and strategic consulting. 

From any device, manage your cloud solutions for team communication, online collaboration, tasks, events, files, and LIVE pages with valuable resources for your situation, industry, or current issues. 

$350/MO ↑

1x Launch Fee +Monthly. Pause Anytime.

Improve your business one area at a time with monthly cycles of new information, analysis, and reports to provide FOCUS so you can advance at your own pace.

►  Apply General Business Strategy  

►  Clearly Define Roles and Duties

►  Address Core Business Areas Monthly



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Fundamentals Program


Power Membership

One month at time, you can operate your company from a leaner and stronger position, proactively driving success and managing obstacles.

Access your own customized monthly solutions  to address your specific needs, and strengthen business functions for dealing with outside forces or ongoing operational problems.

$850/MO ↑ 

 1x Launch +Monthly. Pause Anytime.

Grow your business one area at a time by following the CORE Membership Program, PLUS add monthly goals to address the Top 50 Business Problems that apply to you.

►  Become Faster, Leaner, Stronger

►  Develop Profitable Products & Services 

►  Tackle Global Top Challenges Monthly!



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Framework Program



Elite Membership

At a pace and price that matches your needs, fully develop your vision and strategy while aligning your company from top to bottom one month at a time.

Fortify your business to face present and potential opportunities, threats, and demands, while keeping up with your competitors and ahead of the future. Manage positive change not chaos!

$2500/MO ↑ 

1x Launch Fee +Monthly. Pause Anytime.


Transform your business and manage change by turning your business & team into a strategy-focused machine, working on actions and efforts that matter.

►  Differentiate Your Strategic Position

►  Refine Your Business Identity & Market 

►  Cover Advanced Business Topics!


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Whitewall3 Membership Options

Welcome to The Virtual Strategic Boardroom™


Membership to an Online Boardroom Gives You Access to 24/7 Resources for Your Business

Designed to Match Your Pace & Price.  Select Your Own Program & Boardroom Membership.

Access Your Own Team, Methods, and Tools. Improve and Grow Your Business Today.

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Access Resources & Results. Starting at just $350/MO. Pause Anytime.

Whitewall3 memberships are like joining an 'online business gym' for strength and fitness.
Get access to everything you need to FOCUS on improvement, growth, and transformation.

Your Own Strategy Team

A Customized Program

Easy Techniques & Tools

Ongoing Focus Sessions

Access to 24/7 Solutions

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