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New! Executive by Appointment™


Welcome to the Future!

It's 2018 and you can have almost any professional service over the Internet. Online appointments with doctors, therapists, life coaches, professional trainers and more, are all at the click of a button.  With Whitewall3, you can experience the virtual professional services of our country's highest level business executives! Need the advice of an experienced CEO, COO, CFO, CTO, and so on? Don't know how to get their attention, their time, or access to their priceless experience?

To date, this knowledge has been unattainable or over-priced, but now, you can book single appointments with Chief-Level Executives and get analysis plus actionable recommendations, at a low 1x cost! Receive insights you can use today and pick your own Chief!

For ten+ years, Whitewall3 has been interviewing, meeting, screening, and selecting the best of what the USA has to offer! We have collected a top notch team of Chief-Level business &  military executives. These Leaders are either currently working & freelancing, or they are retired, displaced, or seeking new and meaningful C-Suite opportunities. Now, anyone can have private, productive, professional sessions with a C-Level Peer or Mentor of your choice. 

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How Does it Work?

Executive by Appointment™ | Virtual Appointments Start at $295


Affordable value-add expertise & actionable advise from our country's top executives.Benefit from decades of priceless experience and recommendations, with just a few hours of an easy A.B.C. process! After your appointment, watch your business improve overnight! 

Easy as A.B.C. | 3 Hours Will Change Your Future


A. Assessment Call & Conversation

Select Your Chief Executive

Invest your 1st hour by participating in a phone call assessment, to discuss your current business need. Speak privately to a seasoned Strategic Consultant trained in defining requirements, and implementing solutions. Select your Chief and set your appointment.

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B. Business Information Exchange

Prepare for Your Appointment

Invest your 2nd hour engaging in confidential information exchange with your Whitewall3 Strategic Consultant. Depending on your selection of Chief Executive during your Assessment, different data might be needed to  prepare for your Virtual Consultation.


C. Chief Executive Appointment™

Set Goals & Receive Direction

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"70% of organizations that used a formal process to manage strategy out-performed their peers."*

Whether you are interested in a Virtual Strategic Boardroom Membership™, a Specialized Service, a Business Bootcamp, or our New! Executive by Appointment™, please feel free to contact us and start the conversation.

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