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Step 1: Define Your Vision for Future Success


Determine Where You Are & Where You Want to be

PRO Brainstorming Session. "What Does Victory Look Like to You?"
YOURS FREE ($425 Value) | Complimentary 1x Call + 3 Free Reports

Take advantage of this valuable, easy, Whitewall3 strategic exercise.
At no cost, invest just 1 hour in talking through your business ideas. Examine what is working & what is not working, and get great tips.

After your call, receive value-add resources, to have now & always:

  • visual of potential business success | Landscape Diagram 
  • useful graphic w/ specific areas to focus on | TRU FOCUS
  • tips to build & implement a strategy | Strategic BLUPRINT

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Step 2. Design Your Own Boardroom & Try Us Out


Customize Your Membership to Match Your Needs

Try It! Get 30 Days of Strategic Consulting. "Start with Vision."
Only $650! | Your Own Consultant for 30 Days + 3 Valuable Reports 

Before you even begin your Whitewall3 Membership, you will benefit from our starter month worth over $3500. Determine your needs, goals, and direction with 1:1 business analysis and strategic planning.

Your Virtual Strategic Boardroom™ Future Solution Design includes:

  • detailed analysis of your unique situation | SOAR> Report
  • strengths. weaknesses. opportunities. threats. | SWOT 
  • what to expect in the short & long term | Threshold+

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Step 3. Start Your Monthly Membership


Get Organized & On the Path to Success in <90 Days

Access Your Own Team & Tools. The Virtual Strategic Boardroom
Starting at $250 per month | 24/7 Online Solutions & Ongoing FOCUS

Begin using your online business solutions and access the people, methods, and technology needed to get new results every month! Make better decisions. Focus on priorities. Get the help you need:

  • clearly defined objectives & goals | Requirements Report
  • realistic action plan for the future | Understanding Report
  • custom suite of virtual solutions | LINK Technology
  • data & reports to drive success | Research & Information 
  • senior level business advisers | Executive Consultants
  • better ways of doing things | Organization Enhancements 
  • answers & solutions to strategic issues | Problem Control
  • operate leaner & stronger | Improvement, Growth, Change
  • ongoing services & support +more.. | FOCUS Management

Ready to Access Your Own Team & Tools?

Business is War. Do You Have a Strategy?

Without a strategy, how do you know where you're going, and how will you know you're there?

Even with a strong strategy, how will you make it happen without the right people, info, or plan?

And without simple, easy tools, how will you maintain focus during the plan and beyond?


Buy the Gift of Improvement


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It's like buying someone a gym membership, for their career or business!  Do your Shopping at Whitewall3 and invest in the growth & development of a person, business, or specific department.

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Starting at $500, you can now purchase a Consulting Gift Card for ANY BUDGET AMOUNT, to be applied to any Special Service or Membership. Looking for something meaningful & different to do for your management team? colleagues? staff? friends? or family? 

Receive a Digital Certificate of Purchase for every Gift Card, including instructions for how the process works and the how the services are delivered. 


30 Days Consulting and Your Own Solution Design


($15.00 shipping)

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

If you are ready for our STARTER MONTH, let's get going! Nothing to lose, and so much to gain. For a low one-time fee of $650, receive 30 Days with your own Executive Consultant, no obligation. See your business in a new light, and design the best Membership or Strategy for you.

Determine your needs, goals, and direction with 1:1 mentoring, business analysis, and strategic planning. Then, walk away with a detailed analysis of the best Solution for you, plus $3500 professional advisement, and (3) personalized reports:

  1. A detailed analysis of your unique situation & tips
  2. Your strengths. weaknesses. opportunities. threats 
  3. What solution steps you should take to improve


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"70% of organizations that used a formal process to manage strategy out-performed their peers."*

Whether you are interested in a Business Bootcamp, Virtual Strategic Boardroom Membership™, A Targeted Strategy, or our New! Executive by Appointment™, please feel free to contact us and start the conversation.

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Now, you can find the time to improve and grow your business. We will work around YOUR schedule!

Whitewall3 Boardroom Technology

Membership Management


Control All Aspects of Your Membership

Members have 24/7 online access to view and update Membership details. Your Whitewall3 Consultant also uses this Member Portal to manage solutions, add/remove features, communicate, and report progress.

Virtual Meeting Rooms


All Work in One Place

From any device, you can Access your private Virtual Strategic Boardroom work area to meet with your Consultants, review tasks, schedule appointments, and more!  

LINK Strategy Suite


Manage Strategy from Any Device 

All Members have the option of adding 1-3 amazing business technology tools. Dashboards, Mobile Goal Planning & Tracking, and the New! Growth Grenade marketing hardware for instant exposure.